Launching Soon

The Digital Dominant is a resource site for those interested in the BDSM, Kink, and Fetish side of the adult industry online. As a web developer I aim to be able to offer domain name registration, web hosting, website development, and graphic design all in one place. Additionally as a woman with over 10 years of industry experience I’m here to assist in helping those get started safely and successfully.

From articles on starting as a performer or content creator I will be providing information about the platforms that exist and what might be best suited for you. This can be complicated and even intimidating initially but it’s important to make the decision that will produce the best results while also being mindful of safety.

If interested I even offer one-on-one mentoring to help with branding, marketing, and establishing your self on a platform that would work best for you.

Will be initially adding blogs and resources that deal with technical issues as well as informing the audience about what websites may work best for them. I won’t be getting into the personalized marketing and branding until I start offering mentorship programs and webinars through the site.

The Lola Bohemia
Twitter: @MsLolaBohemia